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Social Slingshot was founded to provide the very best (DIY) technology with the comfort of a helping hand (DIFY) just around the corner.

Our Vision

We understand social media can be time consuming and even difficult to maintain. Our goal is to take the stress off of entrepreneurs so that they can focus on what it is they do best. Our app is feature rich and our auxiliary services are designed to be an affordable and effective extension of it. Social media applications are just the start, we plan on providing DIY tools and services for business listings, SEO rankings and even website building & publishing plus more!

Our Solutions

Our goal is to inspire, impact and create movements online through social media. You do NOT need an expensive agency, you need a partner. We believe our services are the middle ground for businesses who do not have time and a complete relief for those who are not sure what to do; do not settle for less! Inspired yet? If so, set up a time to speak here and lets figure out the ideal solution for you!

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The company started in 2016 as a full service agency. We provide Web, Social, Campaigns and branding services and can still be accessed anytime, or see marketingslingshot.com. Our vision has always been to help ALL individuals create something special, however, the traditional agency model wouldn’t allow us to do that. So we re-imagine the role of a marketing agency and consider new business trends. We found that the most important role for 'new' entrepreneurs was their ability to do things by themselves. Regardless of why, working alone meant that if the day came when you needed help it would be hard to find. With that in mind our solution and the DIY/DIFY model was born!

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