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Work smarter not harder to stay on top
Work smarter not harder to stay on top

Automate daily social media tasks, find leads, identify influencers, schedule posts in advance from anywhere on the web or feed relevant content straight into your dashboard.

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Easy One-Click Publishing
1Easy One-Click Publishing

Connect and publish to the top social media channels with one click from anywhere on the web using our feature rich chrome extension. Or, let the content & ideas come to you, by collecting post-ready articles & blogs from online and social media accounts, including your competition.

Track What Matters Most
2Track What Matters Most

Find actionable leads tracking keywords, hashtags and locations. Social Slingshot was built for complex and multi-segmented (multi-dashboard) campaigns that segment the data you need leaving behind the data you don’t.

Interact with Every Customer
3Interact with Every Customer

Use the social media CRM to stay up to date with customers and fans. Easily sort and filter messages across all networks include review sites and engage with them directly on the platform. If you want you can set up keyword based automations and send DM's to people who want to know how they can connect with you on Twitter.

Automate Daily Tasks
4Automate Daily Tasks

When you can save time by automating a task, DO IT! The Social Slingshot app was designed to automate tasks across the top social networks. These task include actions such as liking a post or comment, sharing messages or even responding with DMs.

Monitor Reviews
5Monitor Reviews

Reviews matter, especially to you. Using Social Slingshot, you will be able to track Yelp reviews by post, timeline, gender, influencer and even track your teams response rate. We also track and let you respond to the top rated review systems such as Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor and City Grid.

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