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Let them hear what you have to say
Let them hear what you have to say

Social Slingshot provides you with everything that you need to make your voice louder than the rest of us. Use the app to segment your audience, collect leads, automate daily tasks, and find other influencers to connect with and build your empire!

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Stay on Top of Trends
1Stay on Top of Trends

Track today's top trends, hashtags and influencers using keywords, key phrases and locations. Social Slingshot was built for complex and multi-segmented (multi-dashboard) campaigns that give you the data that you need while leaving behind what you don’t.

Connect with Fans
2Connect with Fans

Use the social media CRM to stay up to date with customers and fans. Easily sort and filter messages across your networks and engage with them directly from the platform. If you want you can set up keyword based automations and send twitter DM's to the right people.

Create a Movement
3Create a Movement

Using content grouping analytics you will be able to attract your audience using particular message and optimize that message leading to conversions and click throughs. Once the message is clear your be able to ID your top ambassadors, by number of followers, likes, and much more!

Automate the Little Things
4Automate the Little Things

There is not enough time in the day to connect with your audience the way you’d like to. Using Social Slingshot automation it will feel like you have your own personal assistant backing you up at all times. Find and publish content, re-cycle top performing posts and automate reactions.

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