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It's time for an upgrade
It's time for an upgrade

We know that you're going to love the Social Slingshot App, it was built for you!

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Social Campaigns
1Social Campaigns

Social Slingshot was built with campaign segmentation in mind. We segment content, keywords and most importantly campaigns. We, ourselves use the platform to create multiple dashboards for a single client. One dashboard for their social profile, another for their competitors, and another for reviews or personal accounts.

Team Performance Reporting
2Team Performance Reporting

You'll know when your best. Team performance reports show which employees are working harder than others, and those that need attention. Look at total number of comments, responses, scheduled post, reports and more!

Follow An Editorial Processes
3Follow An Editorial Processes

Apart from being able to set user access permissions, you can set editors to approve posts before they get published. Clients can also be set as editors if they require it, or you can give them shared/limited access to their project.

Automate Everything, For everyone
4Automate Everything, For everyone

Using Social Slingshot is like having a robot by your side to help you with all your clients. Being able to automate daily tasks across top social network is going to save you time and headaches. Automations include things such as be-friending new users, sharing positive reviews, re-acting to reactions and likes plus so much more!

White Label Reports & Dashboard Option
5White Label Reports & Dashboard Option

White labeled reports are great for giving clients a branded social media experience and are available in every Agency Plan. But, if your agency is ready to Customer Service to the next level, ask us about owning your own white-labeled reporting center. It’s a great way to give an active client the ability to post their own photos, approve your scheduled content or access online reports, and all under your brand.

Find Leads For Your Clients
6Find Leads For Your Clients

Most clients want leads and tangible results, not just a monthly post and reports, now you can give them just that. By using keyword monitoring and influencer tracking you will return to your clients each week with a list of warm and cold leads.

Social Data Backup
7Social Data Backup

Sleep sound at night knowing you and your clients social data such as friends, conversations, post content and analytics are backed up via our reports.

Outsource Your Social to Us (DIFY)
8Outsource Your Social to Us (DIFY)

Up to your waist with client work? Agencies love us, because when they're overwhelmed, they have the ability to access our DIFY agency at any time. We will edit syndicated posts, creating custom content and even help with campaigns. Who knows, you may just find yourself outsourcing all your social media to us once you get a taste! Ask us about out outsourcing packages for pricing!

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