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Social media engagement should be as unique as you are and we want to keep it that way. We tell your story by regularly communicating with your brand.

Messenger Chat Bot


Brand Voice Mgmt

Content Categories

As soon as the lead fills out the form on Facebook, they are prompted to start a conversation in Messenger Chatbot. This chatbot is fully automated and customizable for each of our clients. This chatbot will enable us to ask the leads questions to see if they are qualified or not.


SMM Success Framework



The first thing we'll ask is that you fill out our social media brief. It'll help express your goals and industry without TMI, but it could never tell us your brand's story. To do that, we'll have to meet over video or phone. TTYS


Content Planning

Determining what your audience wants to hear and how you want to say it can a few days. Creating 'post-worthy' content requires understanding your industry's trending stories & influencers.


Content Creation

Once your confident we're gtg, our team (based in the U.S.) will begin scheduling content to the social calendar. You'll have access to the same app we use, allowing you to approve or edit posts before publishing.

 Message Optimization

Your message should never be static, rather a fluid response. Content groups are used to segment posts by categories, proving us with the data needed to tell you what's working, and what's not.



Based on your goal and the plan you chose, we will update you with reports bi-weekly or once a month. Notification and updates could be more frequent.

Social Media Manager Pricing

The biggest difference between the two SMM plans is the number of posts and graphics design quality. Syndicate posts will always use templated designs, Partner posts will use custom templates specific to your brand.


$249/Month or $199/Annual

  • 5 post a week

  • Up to 3 channels (add more)

  • Unlimited Announcements

  • Access the SMM App we use

  • Post/Content Approval

  • Re-Occurring Post

SMM Add-On's

Social Sales

Allow our Brand Advocates to identify and reach out to people and groups that fit your target audience and sell.

Social Support

Our Brand Advocates will establish a rapport through social media with your customers and answer FAQs

Graphic Designer

Allow our designers a chance to create a set of branded post templates, background images and more just for you!

Need A Consultation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Service- SMM

Who will be scheduling content to my social media?

One of our well-trained Content Creatives, Publishers or Editors will be scheduling your content. Content Creatives schedule relevant & engaging posts every day and work on all accounts. They will adapt to your brands unique voice and learn to mimic basic customer services. Editors & Publishers are based in the U.S. (so are most creatives) and college educated. Publishers tend to produce written work, such as blogs and articles, but are not limited, and may manage daily postings as well. Editors have proven to be exceptionally well versed, and organized. Their ability to improve a post has been noticed, and we (and our clients) rely on them to make sure every post is ready to go. Editing is all they do.

Can I review & approve posts before they're published?

Once a post has been scheduled, you will have an opportunity to review it before it goes live or like most our clients, you can trust approvals to our editors. If you choose to review posts yourself, you must do so, before the publishing date passes or you will have to recycle the post to the next available time and nothing will be posted that day.

How will you know what to post?

First off, we enjoy connecting our clients brands with top trending stories and events. More specifically, we take pride and ownership of our work by getting to know you and your audience. Before we create, we spend time following your industries top influencers and any relevant media coverage. We study your competition and determine what worked and what didn’t. Then, finally, when it's all set we start to produce content.

What if I have a special promotion or announcement?

No problem! Our 'Social Support and Sales" give you the ability to make content requests. So, if you want to turn the focus to one of your newest products or offer a special price for a service we can make it happen! Just remember to always keep your project manager in-the-loop.

Can I post personalized content or be involved at all?

Of course! You can be as involved as you want, you own everything and you're in charge! Plus, the Social Slingshot App is included in every plan so scheduling and posting content to your channels is easy! But, if you want the re-assurance of our professionals, you can always submit personal content to us for editing, branding or just a thumbs up if it makes you feel better! ;)

Do I sign a contract? Can I get a refund?

Yes and No. We offer two ways of paying, monthly (default) or annually (10% off). Monthly payments are made each month so yes, you can cancel anytime, but if you have already made a payment for the month that payment is non-refundable as work starts immediately in many cases. Annual plans, are under contract. When you sign-up for an annual plan, you have 30-days to request a cancelation with no penalty. Canceling after 30 days will result in a $1000 fine or half of the remaining amount, whichever is less. Every 'DIFY Posting Plan' regardless of payment plan requires a standard Social Slingshot Agency DIFY Services Contract. The contract outlines the payments plans (see above), plus a Release of Liability, Process & Procedure NDA.