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Social media engagement should be as unique as you are and we want to keep it that way. We tell your story by regularly communicating with your brand.

Messenger Chat Bot


Brand Voice Mgmt

Content Categories

As soon as the lead fills out the form on Facebook, they are prompted to start a conversation in Messenger Chatbot. This chatbot is fully automated and customizable for each of our clients. This chatbot will enable us to ask the leads questions to see if they are qualified or not.


SMM Success Framework



The first thing we'll ask is that you fill out our social media brief. It'll help express your goals and industry without TMI, but it could never tell us your brand's story. To do that, we'll have to meet over video or phone. TTYS


Content Planning

Determining what your audience wants to hear and how you want to say it can a few days. Creating 'post-worthy' content requires understanding your industry's trending stories & influencers.


Content Creation

Once your confident we're gtg, our team (based in the U.S.) will begin scheduling content to the social calendar. You'll have access to the same app we use, allowing you to approve or edit posts before publishing.

 Message Optimization

Your message should never be static, rather a fluid response. Content groups are used to segment posts by categories, proving us with the data needed to tell you what's working, and what's not.



Based on your goal and the plan you chose, we will update you with reports bi-weekly or once a month. Notification and updates could be more frequent.

Social Media Manager Pricing

The biggest difference between the two SMM plans is the number of posts and graphics design quality. Syndicate posts will always use templated designs, Partner posts will use custom templates specific to your brand.


$249/Month or $199/Annual

  • 5 post a week

  • Up to 3 channels (add more)

  • Unlimited Announcements

  • Access the SMM App we use

  • Post/Content Approval

  • Re-Occurring Post

SMM Add-On's

Social Sales

Allow our Brand Advocates to identify and reach out to people and groups that fit your target audience and sell.

Social Support

Our Brand Advocates will establish a rapport through social media with your customers and answer FAQs

Graphic Designer

Allow our designers a chance to create a set of branded post templates, background images and more just for you!

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