New Website Onboarding

Hello! My name is ______ I will be your Account Manager (AM) for this project. 


We are very excited to get the ball rolling on your new website!  Before we do we want to go over some of the information our designer and developer will require. Please make sure you understand the process, how to submit a ticket and how to use the project portal.

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The Kickoff Process

Step 1) Fill out any required forms

Step 2) Look for an email from your PM granting you Partner Portal access. 

Step 3) Check off any "Assigned Task" to you inside the Portal 

a) Fill out forms if you haven't already.  

b) Add branding assets to the "Brand" file 

c) Keep an eye out for assigned tasks such as "Sitemap Approval Required". 

Kickoff Forms

To get started we need you to fill out the following: 

1) Creative Brief 

Tell us what you like, content you require, pages you need & more 

2) Account Access 

We will need to access to Registrar, Current site, etc.

3) Required Transfers (Hosting, Domain, Email)

If you plan to transfer anything we'll need specific permissions and account accesses to do so.  

Understanding The Partner Portal

The key to any partnership is transparency. Our Partner Portal will allow you to communicate with the team, stay up-to-date with tasks assigned to you and much more. 



Find your AM contact information & Schedule meetings & more. 

Video Time: 20 sec

Task View

The task view is the most important view. It's depth allows for us to organize any task. 

Video Time: 39sec


View files and documents important to your project. We can use this system or Google Drive.  

Video Time: 39sec


View invoices directly from the portal 

Video Time: 39sec

Schedule A Meeting

Schedule meetings portal with your AM

Video Time: 39sec


Create conversational topics about aspects of your site in an organized manner. 

Video Time: 39sec

Submit A Ticket

Schedule meetings from the portal directly to your AM, If they are not available someone will respond asap. 

Video Time: 39sec


Keep all your ideas, plans, goals etc. organized. Basically, it can be anything want it to be. 

Video Time: 39sec

Contract & Proposals 

View your contracts and proposals directly from within the portal. 

Video Time: 39sec

We hope this helped! 

Want to go over something? 

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Dillon's Contact Information


Phone: 210.551.0222

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