Getting Started is Simple.

Social Slingshot is an agency with proprietary software that anyone can use.

1. Sign Up And Login

Choose a plan, sign up and create your account. Verify it and log in. 

2. Choose a Snapshot

SnapShots templates are basic (free) or premium. Typically you only need 1 per location.

3. Implement it yourself or let us

Snapshots must be integrated with your website, branding and content updates.

Colorful Office

This is where we'll really shine.


Our SnapShot Specialist and Content Creatives are the answer to EVERY MARKETING inquiry you'll ever have! Seriously.

We never settle for par. There are no cookie-cutter campaigns used here.

We will set up you're SnapShot inside the app, modify the campaign, run ads, social media, outbound/inbound sales and support assistance plus much more!

Our process is proven, our campaigns tell stories, we track and analyze everything with sales in mind plus so much more. When you work with Social Slingshot or one of our Industry Solutions you'll know that the services you are receiving are white hat and truly comprehensive designed around you're specific campaign goals in mind.

Need Fulfillment Assistance?

Thanks for helping me with an issue today that will save me a load of money!! I am new and Dillon walked me through the problem and provided instruction links. Great service.

Karren Gauvin

I love Social Slingshot as they all ways exceed my expectations. Now I have not just one account but two

Maureen Wright-Evans

Got badly burned with InfusionSoft as it was way too expensive and complicated for my needs and marketing experience.... and what would you know I find a better less expensive alternative with fulfillment services. Wow!

Sebastien Gendry

Our business has just started using this tool and we have been very pleased with the support and capabilities of the product and agency services. Friendly and good support staff accessible via phone & email.

Brian Melendez

Thank you for an excellent product and excellent support! I just spoke to Dillon- super cool dude and very knowledgeable. Took care of my "big challenge" in less than 3 minutes. You ROCK!!! :) :) :)

E.G. Sebastian

Have just installed and setup and am blown away by the level of service. They just step up and help with everything and anything. Fantastic first impressions indeed.

Nicholas J Down

Great Support team. Max has been helping me a lot and so far everything has been great!

Ibrahim Mohammed

Thank you Amy for your help today! Quick and full of step by step instructions.

 Dayana Palermo


Although automation is not the easiest to use, their help desk is incredible.... after working away for almost 24 hours they stayed on the line with me to make sure that I got the fix-up and running. 

Missy Morton


I have a good interaction with the support team! Cheers, and keep up with the good work!

Roberto Martinas






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