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URL Link Frames
1URL Link Frames

Take URL shortening and tracking to the next level by including a simple branded pop-up on any third party web page. This feature is a must for any serious marketer who uses articles from other websites but still wants to drive traffic and conversions back to their own site.

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Social Conversion Tracking
2Social Conversion Tracking

Connect Google Analytics to track social conversions and start understanding your own Paid vs Organic reach and social ROI. View performance by page, keywords, social network, Alexa Rank, backlinks and location. Once the data is in you can check overall performance and view optimization tips by channel.

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Facebook ROI
3Facebook ROI

Facebook is the king of social ads, so we analyze your campaigns, conversions, and click-throughs while providing you with the same information that Facebook does. More Ad Networks coming soon!

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Advanced Keyword Logic
4Advanced Keyword Logic

Monitor keywords and key phrases from over 80+ networks so you'll never miss a beat. Keyword tracking options allow you to specify logic-based keywords searches allowing you to separate negative keywords from those you're really interested in.

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Content Grouping
5Content Grouping

Similar to keyword grouping, post can be segmented too! Content tracking shows how a certain type messages performs over time with a specific audiences. This data is necessary for showing the ROI of Social PR and SEO efforts.

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Prospect Outreach & Management
6Prospect Outreach & Management

Reach out to sales worthy prospects by identifying individuals who have taken specific social actions such as interacting with a particular post, following specific links, or using certain keywords. You can even send those leads to your sales team for future reference.

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Social Goal Setting
7Social Goal Setting

Set simple social goals to keep your team moving in the right direction. Manage audience reach, engagement levels and the performance of your published content by profile or campaign.

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Find Influencers and Leads
8Find Influencers and Leads

Find top influencer and social leads by long or short-tail keywords and hashtags. Search across 80+ networks online or use any of your own social media profiles! Know which fans are most engaged and which hold the most influence.

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