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Channel Activity Feed
1Channel Activity Feed

Monitor every channels activity from a single email style list that allows you to post reply's, share comments, delete negative post, block users, send direct messages and more all from the same, simple dashboard.

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Social Address Book
2Social Address Book

Keep tabs on social friends from inside the address book and filter by the channel your connected on. View friends location, profile updates, company and title as well as direct access to their profiles from the dashboard. Send public messages to @groups or private direct messages (DM) to Organizations.

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My Team
3My Team

Edit your team members profile settings, change passwords, view status, number of projects that they are assigned to, the day they were added and the last time they logged in.

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Channel Analytics Summary
4Channel Analytics Summary

View a performance summary of your connected channels without all the details. Performance summary's include timeline details such as number of follows, likes, photos, post, clicks, status updates, shares and much more, based on the channel your looking at.

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Identify Influencers and Brand Ambassador
5Identify Influencers and Brand Ambassador

Identify brand ambassadors, super fans, and industry influencers using the power of Klout.

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