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Analyze Reactions
1Analyze Reactions

Most social media platforms give users the ability to engage with an audience using reactions, such as like's, thumbs up, +'s and more. Our platform tracks these reactions and organizes them by post, content type, segmentation category, gender and date.

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Translate Responses
2Translate Responses

One of the reasons social is so great is that it transcends all boundaries and now, languages. Easily translate a direct message or post instantly inside the platform when needed and never let a good lead go!

Delete Negativity & Profanity (W/ Automation)
3Delete Negativity & Profanity (W/ Automation)

We think 2017's favorite meme, 'ain't nobody got time for dat', is the perfect expression for how we feel about negativity on our watch. So, rather than wait, filter our negative keywords and key phrases immediately and relax.

Customer Engagement
4Customer Engagement

Engage in personalized conversations by monitoring direct messages, @mentions, hashtags, comments, shares and more and even automate engagement across some of the most popular social networks guaranteeing a better customer experience.

Monitor Customer Reviews
5Monitor Customer Reviews

Reviews rule the world! Or at least it can seem like that when you’re a small business owner. Our platform takes online reviews and aggregates them to one place where you can choose to respond, demote, promote, or engage with all from the platform.

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Social Inbox (Feed) & Task Manager
6Social Inbox (Feed) & Task Manager

If your network ever seems chatty, with LOTS of questions then you probably wish there was a way to keep conversations in one place. If so, Social Slingshot gives you a comprehensive task management and omni-channel feed with advanced filters giving you an amazing way to manage all your tasks, everyday!

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Customer Keyword Monitoring
7Customer Keyword Monitoring

A little birdie told us you would like to track keywords and campaign hashtags to easily find and connect with engaged fans across multiple social networks.

Reputation Management +Reviews
8Reputation Management +Reviews

Using our Omni-channel responder you can easily send messages, posts, DM's, reviews and more by connecting all your profiles into a single feed. Access what you want by using powerful filters and receive daily notification to stay up-to-date.

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