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Content VS Keyword- Grouping
1Content VS Keyword- Grouping

Content grouping allows you to categories topics of interest using segmentation giving you better insight to what message sticks with a certain audience. Keyword groups allows you to separate keywords and key phrases anywhere online or from within your own channels. Used correctly, keywords provide actionable insights such as sales or customer support opportunities.

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Advanced Keyword Logic
2Advanced Keyword Logic

Keywords, key phrases, and # can be monitored and analyzed in over 80+ networks so you'll never miss a beat. Keyword options allow you to specify logic exactly what you care about and don’t.

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Team Work and Approvals
3Team Work and Approvals

Add team members to projects and customize their level of access based on specific needs. Access levels include editorial, content developer, IT, client and custom fields.

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Chrome Extension
4Chrome Extension

Surf the web while scheduling posts with ease. Highlight text from anywhere online, right click images or use the chrome extension to grab a whole article without having to open the web app. You can classify witch content group a post fits into.

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24/7 Online Reporting
524/7 Online Reporting

Give clients and management accounts access so that they can always see progress whenever they like. You cangive them as much or as little access as you like.

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Team Performance Reporting
6Team Performance Reporting

Performance reporting features help classify employees who are performing well from those who need attention. Look at how many times a team member has commented, responded to a comment, view scheduled posts, see how many reports have been created and more!

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Social Data Backup
7Social Data Backup

Business should always recorded, save and archive data, don’t make social media the exception. We automatically save information such as friends, conversations, post content, personal information and more by providing you, your data in reports, and saving it to create an effective social archive.


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