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Social Media Channel Automation
1Social Media Channel Automation

Social channels in which you can automate features include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr and YouTube. More to come!

Evergreen Posting (re-cycling)
2Evergreen Posting (re-cycling)

We automatically recommend your best performing content to become an 'Evergreen' post or you can do it manually. An evergreen post is recycled content that is sent out at optimal times when there is no new content in your scheduled que.

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Personal Message Automation
3Personal Message Automation

If automated likes are not personal enough, do not fear social commenting is hereā€¦ that was lame, but the feature sure isn't. Now, you can set pre-establish replies for certain channels so that when a user interacts with your brand they receive a personal message.

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Social Engagement Automation
4Social Engagement Automation

No more time wasted liking Mary's daily comment. Because, now you can automate simple engagements and reward people who interact with your brand instantly. Automate simple actions such as liking comments, posts, reviews, mentions and more!

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Delete Negativity & Profanity
5Delete Negativity & Profanity

We think 2017's favorite meme, 'ain't nobody got time for dat', is the perfect expression for how we feel about negativity on our watch. So, rather than wait, filter our negative keywords and key phrases immediately.

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DIFY Agency
6DIFY Agency

Our social team and influencers will manage everything from account setup to brand strategy, influencer outreach, content production and ad campaigns. We'll even assist your customers when they comment online and create the necessary web pages you need to convert.


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