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Cross Channel Analytics
1Cross Channel Analytics

Pull powerful cross channel analytics into your project dashboard to see the whole picture of all your competitors, influences and of course your own profiles and compare audiences, engagement stats and demographics to compare channel engagement, messaging resignation and competitive.

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By Channel Reports
2By Channel Reports

Specific profile reports show detailed analytics and interactive channel information such as comments, live inbox (DM) center, paid vs organic media, post reactions and total engagement over time, demographics and organic reach and more!

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Team Performance Reporting
3Team Performance Reporting

Performance reporting features help classify high performance employees and those who need attention. Look at how many times a team member has commented, responded to a comment, scheduled post amount, reports run and sent.

Social ROI
4Social ROI

Using content groups to organize post by message type can help you visualize the effectiveness and engagement associated with a specific message. In addition, you can track click throughs from content groups to conversion pages by using GA finally giving you a hard value for social PR.

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The Power of Klout
5The Power of Klout

Klout's proprietary social algorithm enabling brands to provide more personalized experiences to their customers and influencers by analyzing users data, we use this data in updates and to help power or system

Facebook Ads (Beta)
6Facebook Ads (Beta)

Keep Track of your Facebook Campaigns, ad groups, ad spend, conversions and more all from one centralized dashboard.

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Competitive Analysis
7Competitive Analysis

Using multiple projects can help organize and track key competitor insights and help drive your own product innovation while keeping your social strategy above par. Use the tool to track campaigns, posts, users, engagement, demographics and organic and paid, and more!

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Influencer Reports
8Influencer Reports

Find top influencer by long or short-tail keywords. Search across 80+ networks online or use your own social media profiles. Know which fans are most engaged and focus on those with the most reach

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