A Comprehensive

Sales Solution

The Problem

To Much Tech.

There is no such thing as the perfect all-in-one marketing technology. There are too many variables, too much that needs to happen and not enough personalization. The tech that tries to be it all usually falls short in one way or another.

Tech Implementation

Finding the right tech to run your business is only half the battle, the true test of any solution is whether or not your team understands and implements the tools and features that are included? Most companies don't and that's a shame.

Sales Execution 

Most businesses have to hire an individual or a team to create, manage and produce successful marketing campaigns and content. This can be VERY expensive, and just like tech, no one person is an all-in-one solution.

Our Answer

A Central HUB 

Our core tech is designed to run fully comprehensive marketing campaigns. Instead of building an all-in-one solution we've integrated other solutions that our agency regularly uses to our dashboard. 

Industry Snapshots

Our high-level industry Snapshots were created to solve setting up your tech from scratch. Snapshots are pre-built environments meant to be modified for your business. 80% of the work, content, automation is done waiting for you to use.

Done For You Services

Our agency is full of general and industry experts who create and manage comprehensive campaigns, sales outreach and projects for clients every day.

Every agency client is treated like a partner. Together, we will find success.

In Business Together


With the support of your account manager, you will be introduced to the best strategies and the most complete online sales tools. You will meet a ton of new prospects online and turn them into paying customers. We help every step of the way to ensure your success!


With our all-in-one marketing and sales services, we will help you stay in control of your client's lifecycles while you continue to deliver your services. Our job is to bring them in, keep your company in mind and make sales. Your job is to make sure they leave a great review! Together we can grow your business and create a lasting impression!


Don’t waste another dollar on incomplete campaigns that drop the ball. We provide our clients with a painless solution to getting found online and stay relevant.  Our services can be purchased based on a specific requirement (al la carte) or as an industry package. Industry packages and campaigns include comprehensive strategies designed specifically for you.


VIP Program

Very Important Partner Program

SPOC- A single point of contact for your team

x2 Free One-on-one Half-Hour

Meetings a Month

Access to project management portal, funnel map and more exclusive tools

Free resources, tech stacks, swipe files and much more

Exclusive VIP services such as a sales & support call center

Happy Hour- Content creation coupons & special discounts


Phone: 210.551.0222 |  Support@socialslingshot.com